Now What?

As we enter a new year, we are looking at a new day, potentially a new era for our country.  Much has been written about what it all means and how we got here, with an inordinate amount of attention being given to a whining bunch of fools with their precious little feelings hurt.  What so many of us now feel is hope for the future of our country.

How can that be?  Perhaps it is as simple as putting our support behind a winner instead of another failure. 

For decades we voters have paid little attention to the ability of candidates to do anything other than win elections.  All we have proven is that winning politically does not make an individual able to lead anything.  We have seen a succession of paper tigers whose lives were constructed to make them attractive as candidates with very little substance behind the public image.  Winning at life, and leading the rest of us into the winners circle, is not about what looks good, sounds good, or feels good.

We are about to install a new US president.  He’s a man who knows all about winning.  And failure.  Yes, he has failed, very publicly and very dramatically.  What sets him apart, and gives us so much hope, is that he moved beyond those failures.  He didn’t wallow in them.  He kept his attention focused on his next success.

That is what we Americans want to feel again.  We want to feel that our lives are not over because of a few failures.  We want to feel confident that in spite of our mistakes we can still win.  We want to be successful again.  And we want the younger folks to know that with preparation and hard work they, too, can win.

Back in the day, some psych course posited that a huge impediment to success is fear – a greater fear of success than fear of failure.  That may be the difference between us and the rest of the world.  Americans covet success.  That spirit has been diluted in the past few decades.  We now have hope of recovering our drive of being the best, of inventing new things, of dealing with success in healthy ways.

This new year promises to be exciting with generous amounts of enthusiasm, energy, and hope.  Sounds like a solid foundation for winning.

Happy New Year, All!

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Merry Christmas, All!

Holidays can be a very interesting time.  They pack good memories for some, bad memories for others, and some of each for many of us.  Christmas has a lot of both for me.  It is a bitter sweet time of year.

My family tended toward going overboard for Christmas, especially my father, but my primary school teacher mother was never far behind him.  There were always concerts, lots of them, with my Dad leading a band, playing in an orchestra, or us attending just because it was something which needed to be attended.  Like the ballet.  Every kid should attend multiple performances of the Nutcracker, right? Continue reading

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Wreaths Across America

Yesterday was my maiden voyage into the world with Wreaths Across America.  The past few years, my intentions were good but my follow-through was lacking.   So, after sending a check for some wreaths, the next logical step was to participate in the actual placement of a wreath, or a few.  Not a real stretch, since one of the newest graves is for a veteran very near and dear to me.

Got to the cemetery later than I had planned, so didn’t get to park where I wanted.  Oh, well.  Parked elsewhere and walked instead.  Unfortunately, that time allowed me to get miffed at the JrROTC kids standing closest to the entrance who were obviously having a really good time being there.  A smile is OK, but their laughing kinda ticked me off.

Since I was already having a less than wonderful day, I skipped the ceremony they were having.  (Yes, I did arrive in time to attend.  Didn’t want to.)  Took up my post graveside instead.  Others were doing the same.  When their conversations began to irritate me, I wandered off a ways.  That tour included a pit stop.  Continue reading

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Are We There Yet?

When you get this far behind in commenting on the topics of the day, the task of jumping back into the fray can be daunting indeed. On the other hand, starting in the middle or anywhere else along the continuum can be easily justified.

The silly season has begun in earnest. It has often been said this year that we have never seen anything quite like the upcoming election. I know I haven’t. I thought it was bad when the GOP offered us an actor as a presidential candidate. That turned out pretty well. We can hope that this year will provide something along those lines.

Some good stuff has happened around here along with some very bad stuff. Life does go on. Some of us go to great lengths to prove it every day in spite of ourselves. Anything else is unacceptable.

Attitudes will be checked periodically. Meanwhile, my profound thanks to everyone who has expressed sympathy and support during the past difficult year. The positive energy is coming through.

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So Many Issues, So LIttle Time

The Primaries are winding down and it looks like the presidential candidates are locked down. Not gonna worry about that one for a while.

The local elections have occurred in my AOR and for the most part turned out to my satisfaction, at least among those which were most important to me. Great. Another square filled for now.

So what has got my dander up this morning? Those pesky Oath Keepers, in the news over at TAH, got me thinking about who they are, what they stand for, and just why they rub me the wrong way.

Most of my friends and associates took an oath to support the US Constitution, among other things. Some would argue that once we left active military service that oath no longer applies. And that may well be true legally. However, some of us didn’t then and still don’t see an expiration date attached to what we swore then and may have reaffirmed several subsequent times.

Whenever I ponder what having once taken the oath means in my life today I realize that it still applies. I took that oath as an individual and it applies until I do something significant to alter my obligation. Until then, I will still defend the US Constitution against all enemies.

It doesn’t take a village or a club to encourage me in that regard.

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Yes, Virginia, there is still Another Voice

With some of the contributors here moving and others dealing with spousal unit health crises, it might look as if we got lost somewhere in the ether. Not so, Virginia!

We still have opinions on the dreadful job J F’ng sKerry is doing, the nightmare that is national politics, international terrorism, and just about any other topic one might throw into the arena. Oh, and I have promised to get something to a friend serving in my state Senate that he will introduce as a Stolen Valor bill for us.

Other than that, not much going on. We should be back to normal programming soon.

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The Capture Effect

The capture effect is a real RF technical phenomenon – via Wiki: “The capture effect is defined as the complete suppression of the weaker signal at the receiver limiter (if it has one) where the weaker signal is not amplified, but attenuated. When both signals are nearly equal in strength, or are fading independently, the receiver may switch from one to the other and exhibit picket fencing.

I suspect that a reasoned case can be made that many (most?), humans exhibit the same sort of unintentional filtering.

One clear example would easily be the LGBT lot. They should be figuratively on the front lines when dealing with Islam.  Perhaps I should be PC and have said RADICAL Islam, but as I understand it Islam has no/zero/nil room for gays at any level. Goats… shrug.

Younger Internet/Phone Junkies would also be targeted methinks.

My motive for bringing this up is simple. My muse has left me, or maybe just wandered off – I’m old. I used to be able to scan various news sources and find at least one thing that spurred a giggle or something interesting to me. Now all I get is some combination of annoyed and confused.

So the next time you think that some A’Hole is wrong, or full of IT; Just remember The Capture Effect.

There… Don’t that make you feel better?

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He didn’t go THERE, did he?

Seriously? The Donald actually criticized John McCain for being captured? Unbelievable.

Guess it’s better to place yourself in a position of having no possibility of being captured than to step up and get captured. After being shot down. And injured – unable to avoid capture.

Addendum:  The opinion above relates to Trump’s comment about preferring people who are not captured.  As I watched his original comments it was clear that he misspoke and he clarified his position on McCain being a hero within those original remarks.  It was the slam about being captured to which I objected for the implication that any former POW would not have done everything within their power to evade capture.

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My Reaction is Anger

If what a terrorist desires is to strike fear among us, it’s not working with me. I am angry not afraid.

I don’t care who commits a terrorist act, why they do it, or what their agenda might be. I just don’t care. The simple fact that whoever it is attacks any of us is all I need to know.

Of course, my real anger is at the loons in this country who have set us up to be attacked. They not only condone but encourage evil doers. That just ain’t right.

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Wax On – Wax Off

Geezer Update: I’ve struggling with a variety of issues pertaining to putting words on the screen. Setting aside those mundane elements that few will care about; I am simply frightened.

It seems that everyday there’s at least one new revelation suggesting that the country I call home is disappearing before my eyes. I don’t watch TV news – I read many news sources everyday and trust my own filters, still I find little to fire my optimism.

For a while I was convinced people would wake up, but there is simply not much sign of that happening.

We are shrinking our military (budget,etc) and worried about guns and flags as if there was no/zero/nil threat extant. We are pushing an aircraft of visibly questionable value and getting rid of some that simply do the (expletive) job well.

We are being forced to accept behaviors that make our enemies drool. AND we are not being allowed to simply say “I don’t care”, either.

I won’t go into further detail here – you know, or you don’t,  but I will offer this:

I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

I fear lines are being drawn. Is it yet time to take a stand?


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