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Primary topics are: Military and Veteran issues, Defense against Islamic Imperialism, and Illegal Immigration.

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FTM2 “Ponsdorf, Zero”
Blue Water Navy 1963-1969
Yankee Station, SAR,
Operation Market Time support,
Shore Bombardment

“Zero Ponsdorf” was born and raised in West Virginia. He joined the Navy Reserves between his Junior and Senior year in high school (1963). Since his father was KIA in Korea he wouldn’t have been drafted, but wanted to ‘see the world’ anyway.

Following high school he went to FT/A school at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center and then to the USS England DLG-22, the first of four ships on which he served. Others were the USS Parsons DDG-33, USS Worden DLG-18, and the USS Mahan DLG-11.

“Zero” made 4 visits to the Gulf of Tonkin, each about 6 months long. The duty while there was varied, from picking up downed aircrew to firing shore bombardment. During rescue missions it was not unusual to exchange fire with North Vietnamese shore batteries.

He was discharged in May, 1969 as an E-5.

After his discharge Zero held many jobs, from driving a cab in San Diego to working for NASA at the tracking station on Kauai. While with NASA he worked on the first nine Shuttle missions.

Now Zero has settled in on his piece of ridge in central West Virginia. He does a little consulting work with computers, and some minor web work for friends.

Zero has been Blogging since 2004.


OWB gained that moniker in 2007 while involved with the Gathering of Eagles group.  It’s a long story, but the B does not stand for Brother, and it had nothing whatever to do with age or ethnicity.

OWB’s military career was entirely within the Air National Guard and included a short tour during Desert Shield/Desert Storm/Desert Shield to a fairly culturally tolerant country whose environment was utterly hostile.  But the artificially irrigated fresh vegetables were superb.  So, while not on the front lines, OWB was close enough to receive hazardous duty pay and may or may not have been within SCUD range for part of the time.  Think of a very long runway able to support dozens of C-130’s.

Since retiring in 2004, OWB has joined other veterans in actions we see as our obligation due to the oaths we took.  And to compare notes on the assorted voices out there.

Trivia which might explain some of OWB’s behavior include having been an Army brat, growing up around airplanes, soloing in an Luscombe, being an E-5 three times in her military career with no disciplinary action, and having a penchant for working in odd civilian careers.


2 Responses to About Us

  1. Hello Zero:
    I believe our paths have crossed. Did you not write at “Old War Dogs” for a bit, with the late Bill Faith? If so, remember the first “Old War Dog” mascot? The Belgian Malinois Shepherd? She was my Sunny, and I did up the first of the designs that were featured there.
    I still have my Cafepress shop, and am doing quite well, and am in a heaven made just for those who support the troops, living here just off Eglin AFB.
    Keep up the good writing, and now that I know about this site, I will bookmark it and put it in my list of reads.
    Frankie Cee

  2. Bulldog22, 1/10Cav says:

    Hey Zero, How are you? Did you get an oil well yet?

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