The TEA Party – A New Narrative?

Attempts at denigrating the tea party movement with charges of racism, and more mundane efforts using name calling have had little impact across the country.

But there is a new narrative being written that might have legs.

It boils down to using the age of many of the Tea Party members to point out their apparent hypocrisy. Many depend on Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid/etc. All ran by The Government. Toss in Law Enforcement and Fire Departments and there would seem to be a case?

There’s very real danger that this new narrative will develop a sort of resonance among some members.

There’s a lengthy list of flaws easily associated with this new narrative, but I’ll leave THAT aspect to the reader. One might begin by examining just how efficient and/or effective many of these programs are?

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One Response to The TEA Party – A New Narrative?

  1. OWB says:

    It will only develop legs if we allow it to do so!

    The major flaw in this new wrinkle is that those drawing pensions from assorted public, as with private, entities have done something to earn that pension. They have produced something for which they were and are compensated. While not all have truly earned it (yes, we all know idiots who sat on their duffs for an entire “career” of duff sitting at a public trough), most really did put their lives on hold for the public good. (Congress being a notable exception.)

    Medicare/Medicare et al should never have been instituted and should simply disappear. Medicare may be the single most significant contributor to the financial destruction of this country. It did, however, serve as a most excellent vehicle for advancing the progressive agenda by making dependent on government the least likely segment of society to become dependent on government. It was a brilliant plan, and it worked.

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