Our Bizzaro World

First the reference: Bizzaro World. Normally I would cite Wikipedia with a caveat, but this reference works well enough.

I dunno just where to start? Maybe here?

Then there’s a coupla posts at TAH, just scroll down.

The thing is, when contact with reality is lost… what happens next?

We could add Mike Yon to this mix? The intervention he’s engendered just fits.

I do feel better,  sometimes ‘not getting it’ is a plus.

[Update] I seems I’m not the only one that has noticed the parallel universe I call Bizzaro World.

Victor Davis Hanson has also noticed, although his approach is different.

He calls it An Age of Untruth!

His opening line: Make no mistake about it, this is a dishonest age. That our daily lies are purportedly advanced in the cause of the common good, nevertheless do not make them any less lies.

He does go on to offer 5 examples.

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