Lt. Col Terry Lakin – A Matter of Conscience or Something Else?

David Bellavia has a post up excoriating Lakin for the position he’s taken.

If you are unaware of  Lt. Col Terry Lakin please read David’s post.  I have no real  issue with what Bellavia writes about this case.

But he does leave a few things out that may be of some note.

The UCMJ uses the term ‘Lawful Order’ as a bench mark. Yeah I know this element has been used by so many as an excuse for things ranging from the egregious to the silly, but set that aside, if you will, and set aside the ‘birther’ bit as well.

I have no idea if Lakin is just another publicity seeking nut case, but I find myself asking – what if Lakin is simply taking a principled stand AND is willing to face the consequences?

Does that not count for something?

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5 Responses to Lt. Col Terry Lakin – A Matter of Conscience or Something Else?

  1. olga says:

    That’s what I’ve been trying to make people to look at, alas, to no avail… except being called names in response :o)

  2. AW1 Tim says:

    The actions of LtCol Larkin are especially damning and worthy of a crapweasel award, when you compare him to Col. Bernhard, also an Army flight surgeon, who, at 79 years of age, is returning to active duty because his services are needed.

    no complaints, no politics, just answering a call to assist his brothers and sisters in arms.

  3. Ponsdorf says:

    Olga: Yeah, it doesn’t seem to be a popular question to ask.

    AW1 Tim: We’ll have to agree to disagree. Not about Lakin – he may well be a crapweasel. But our people in uniform are not yet robots or sci-fi cyborgs.

    ETA: Tim, check out my ABOUT page (in the top bar). Note the pix.

  4. AW1 Tim says:

    the proper course for the good LtCol would be to have offered his resignation first, THEN gone about challenging the orders. That’s why i am upset with him.


  5. Ponsdorf says:

    AW1 Tim: You are most certainly correct in most cases.

    Just for speculation though; if one believes in the country, the mission, and the role of the military (as in the UCMJ and The Oath we’ve taken) doesn’t the line get a bit fuzzy?

    BTW, no need to add ‘respects’. If I didn’t respect you and your opinion I wouldn’t have bothered to reply.

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