Paulian Nut or Right-Wing Nut?

We’ve all heard the preliminary babble describing The Pentagon shooter as to having been a right-wing extremist with virulent antigovernment feelings. The same was said of Joseph Stack in Texas.

Jonn over at TAH has some links and thoughts on that matter.

I see a different connection. While constructing my Stop Sign conspiracy theory (immediately below) I did some minor research in how such things were put together. I kept finding links, both implicit and explicit, to the writings of Ron Paul.  I’ll posit that this connection is more profound than any right-wing/left-wing labels.

Dr. Ron Paul is a Republican Congressman from Texas – that much is fact, but is he a Right-Winger?

Terms like these are tossed around with little apparent concern for what they mean so I’ll be expanding on this shortly.

Of course this may be a ‘chicken or egg’ thing when analyzed to any depth, but it’ll be an interesting exercise – for me anyway.

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