When the leader is lunatic?

Sometimes nature does point the way.

Was outside a bit ago. Just doing a little bit of this ‘n that getting better organized for winter.

Heard an odd racket, and after puzzling over the source I looked up.

It was a largish V of geese headed somewhere??? Musta been 30 or more.

I’ve little doubt there is a natural explanation, but this lot seemed confused.

While I watched they headed first to the north – then north east – then east – then they disappeared above the treeline to the south east.

The leader was followed very closely by a couple of other geese… I decided they were saying something like ‘Hey, south is THAT way’.

BUT… The other geese kept the V intact.

Object lesson?

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One Response to When the leader is lunatic?

  1. 1stCavRVN11b says:

    Was that the one leading or maybe one of his cronies receiving directions from the white house?

    Those Damn Yankees want to come South every winter. Got news for them though, the mosquitos are now big enough to dog fuck a turkey. Tell ’em to turn back. Al Gore said it is going to warm up soon.

    BTW, it’s snowing here in Louisiana.

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