I got the Luddite in me

With minor apologies to some song writer out there.

For some time we’ve been inundated with the idea that  any change is good. On the political front, to be sure, but really in broader contexts as well.

With software we get feature bloat, while the base application has bugs. With cars we get fins, while the thing is a lemon. The entertainment industry keeps rolling out remake after remake.

Certainly there are new and truly innovative ideas here and there… even then, in an ironic twist, many of the very folks selling the ‘new and improved’ fight innovation tooth and nail.

Enough already! Let’s concentrate on fixing what we have.

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  1. thegraydog says:

    FYI, the song writer for “I Got the Music in Me” was Tobias “Bias” Boshell and performed by Kiki Dee.

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