Wish I'd said that, but…

I don’t watch Television News, and I certainly don’t watch the talking heads on any channel. I don’t listen to ‘talk’ radio, etc.

So I miss out on some things that maybe I should be paying attention to?

Mainstream media’s memorial day massacre


So how does the “public press” celebrate Memorial Day this year? By plastering stories across the front pages featuring alleged atrocities by our troops in Haditha, Iraq. “The Shame of Kilo Company,” banners Time magazine, which originally reported the story. “Bloody Scenes Haunt a Marine,” blares the Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times proclaims, “Iraqis’ Accounts Link Marines to the Mass Killing of Civilians.” On the day before Memorial Day, anti-war Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., appeared on ABC’s “This Week,” demanding to know “Who covered it up, why did they cover it up, why did they wait so long? … We don’t know how far it goes. It goes right up the chain of command … I will not excuse murder, and this is what happened.”

Against the war, but for the troops? It’s hard to maintain that hairsbreadth distinction when you’re publicizing alleged misconduct by American troops before the facts are in, while American soldiers remain on the ground in Iraq. The military is already engaged in an ongoing investigation into the killings and will likely bring up Marines on charges that may carry the death penalty.

I avoid this crap for health reasons. On one hand my blood pressure can’t stand it. On the other hand there’s the health of those spewing this stuff to be considered. I want to reach out and ‘touch’ a few of them; just to get their attention, of course.

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