And Now For Something Completely Different

Some of you might know that The Wife is an RN, and has been for decades.

This came as a small shock from the CNA.

SiCKO Premiere Sign-up Form

Michael Moore’s SiCKO Movie Premieres Nationwide June 29, 2007
Volunteer at a screening and help get Guaranteed Healthcare in America

The California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee is joining with RNs and RN organizations around the US to host 3,000 screenings of the opening of SiCKO on June 29th. This is a historic opportunity to turn movie audiences into patient advocates and healthcare reformers—but we need your help! We urge nurses and movie-goers to attend the screenings and distribute information about how we can solve the healthcare crisis by supporting guaranteed healthcare on the single-payer model. Purchase your movie tickets, wear our “scrub for SiCKO”, print and distribute information at theaters, and bring your RN friends! Click here to watch the movie trailer.

It’s fascinating this learned group (Union) is supporting the fat liar. The movie one an award or two in Cannes… [shrug]

Anyway it made me laugh, maybe it’ll bring a smile to you?

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2 Responses to And Now For Something Completely Different

  1. Anonymous says:

    How tasteful that you call the person you’re married to The Wife. It makes you sound like such a highly evolved neanderthal… as for Michael Moore, or the Fat Liar, as you so charmingly refer to him, well, so what’s one more liar comnpared to the sea of liars that we trust to run our country? And please don’t tell me I’m just a crazy far left liberal or any of that tiresome BS! If MM is the one who gets people to stop and think, when all we have been doing is pretending everything is okay as long as we don’t call attention to ourselves . . . well, who the heck cares if he’s fat? It’s funny how, when people can’t think of anything negative to say about someone, they always revert to childish name calling, like ‘Fat.’ And I was so very amused by the line “So it won a few awards at Cannes . . . (shrug)”. Well, fyi, Mr. Cosmopolitan, in that little statement you revealed a big FAT secret about yourself: you are SO provincial!

  2. Zero Ponsdorf says:

    If it’s sufficient to say The Queen it works for The Wife. Been married to her for over 30 years, She has a Masters and two graduate degrees.

    Okay, so MM is obese or weight challenged. There is nothing negative about using an accurate descriptor. I am not responsible for your perceptions.

    That others may lie matters little, you know.

    I’m glad I was able to offer a little amusement.

    I am, indeed, provincial. I have little need for external validation.

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