And then?

Read this!

If I had known this earlier, I do believe I would have joined them! Now it’s suicide mission.

Ed and Elaine Brown, heavily armed tax evaders, are under siege on a hilltop in New Hampshire, threatening to fight to the death if federal agents try to storm their fortified home.

“We either walk out of here free or we die,” Ed Brown shouted from an upstairs window. He has been convicted in absentia of evading federal income taxes by hiding $1.9m (£900,000) of income between 1996 and 2003.

He refuses to pay, shouting: “Show us the law and we will pay what you ask – you can’t do it.”

Elaine Brown added: “If they come in, we’re dead. That’s it. We will not be arrested. We will not volunteer to go into their prison for a non-crime. We have committed no crime.”

Like the issue of Jury Nullification there are basic questions that need to be answered. On either issue you can be aware or plowed under.

Hey, let’s throw in illegal immigration – who ya gonna dance with?

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