Tick Tock

Less than 30 days from now something will happen. It may be a BIG THING, it may be a flash in the pan?

The Wall will be open to the public on March 17, business as usual.

A group will be forming up near there, made up of anti-war folks and a wide mix of anti-US, anti-military and just about every liberal/left group.

I decided to go visit The Wall myself when I heard. I let some of my pals know about it, and soon discovered that others had the same idea. NO, NO!! I’m not claiming exclusivity, only pointing out the great minds work alike. Soon some real organizers got on board and as of a few days ago we have a formal group, a Gathering of Eagles, with a clear mission statement.

Other groups have joined in that effort. No one know how many of ‘us’ will be there or any real detail about what we might do when we get there.

There’s been some uncomfortable divisiveness of a minor sort caused mainly by the fact that this snowball has been growing faster than the best intentioned folks could deal with. That phenomenon is likely to get more fun rather than abating. The outpouring of raw enthusiasm is staggering.

So a reminder – The Wall will be open to the public on March 17, business as usual.

Sunday and Monday life will go on. Carpe Diem!!!! Vandals WILL be prevented from turning that day to their advantage, but that will be only a small victory. These few vandals are trivial compared the far larger number here, and around the world awaiting, and working for, our demise.

We leave DC better than we find it. We go home with a new resolve. Let’s turn a good day into a great year.

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