Spring Has Sprung

Signs of spring abound – lawns being mowed, birds chirping, flowers in bloom, and trees budding out. Intermittent rains fall in preparation for seeds soon to be planted. New growth, rebirth, and a general sense of new opportunities, even well being.


OK, I will admit that spring is my favorite season. So many possibilities. Gardens, summer trips, circling fire pits with friends, and picnics will all soon be here. Winter is hibernation time. We need those months to slow down the pace a bit. But now comes spring, and a new growth cycle begins.

Finding things to do now that all the windows can be thrown open isn’t difficult these days. Too many chores to do some days. But in the late afternoons, sitting out back beside the creek? Nothing quite like it. Throw in a book with perhaps a cat on the lap and it nearly perfect.

No, I will not start reciting poetry or singing show tunes. But I might, because it’s SPRING!

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2 Responses to Spring Has Sprung

  1. Ponsdorf says:

    Did ya figure out what was going on earlier?

  2. OWB says:

    No, but all worked OK later. Maybe just sunspots.

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