An Anniversary

Ten years ago this morning a group of patriots, mostly veterans, gathered in Washington DC to counter a disgusting assembly of lefty scum as they met at the Wall to recreate their 1967 march on the Pentagon. There are so many parts of that operation which are worthy of mention. But a few things continue to stand out in my mind.

On both sides of the street were people of very different backgrounds who came together for a common cause. Only one group had folks they either paid or otherwise enticed to be there. Seeing the local area yellow buses unloading school children at the site was an eye opener.

Perhaps the most graphic demonstration of the difference between the two groups came when they were literally facing each other across Constitution Avenue with the US Park Service mounted police between them. The whining children were loudly chanting, “What do we want?” followed by a garbled response most of us never identified, then, “When do we want it?” followed by, “NOW!” Meanwhile the Veterans were waving flags while chanting, “USA, USA, USA.” The children who can’t articulate a clear message but they want what they want and they expect someone to provide it right now vs the adults who know what is needed and have already proved their willingness to work hard to make it happen.

What a day. While A Gathering of Eagles wasn’t solely responsible for the awakening of this country, we certainly were an important part of it. It took others also doing important things to get us finally to this point. But we who served in the military understand that it takes each of us doing our jobs to accomplish the mission.

It was an honor to be a small part of the operation we called “A Gathering of Eagles.” Friends were made. Associations were cemented. But mostly, thousands of patriots were energized and given hope when they saw that many others shared their concerns.

Ten years later we see the ripple effect of that energy being directed in positive ways. Thank you all.

Another first person account, from Jonn Lilyea, can found here:

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