With all the news in the world, the media fixation on Hollywood and their never ending series of self-aggrandizing awards ceremonies is curious. While I don’t begrudge any group getting together to celebrate their craft, the disproportionate amount of glory and grandeur associated with entertainers congratulating themselves at their ability to pretend to be some character or another is unseemly. Among other things, it apparently gives them a sense that their opinions matter more than do the opinions of those they entertain. They don’t.

It should really come as no great surprise that folks who make a living from delusional behavior frequently fall into the trap of coming to believe their own imaginations. Even that is not a problem until they insist that the rest of us congratulate them for their delusions. We won’t.

Keep screeching, precious little snowflakes. You make yourselves less relevant with each of your self-absorbed public melt downs. Your media co-conspirators will dutifully continue to report your antics while the rest of us continue to laugh at your feelings, your filthy language, and your opinions. We just don’t care.

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