McCain, Again

He’s at it again.  As much as I want to continue to respect the man for any number of perfectly good standalone reasons, he is making it nearly impossible to do so.

We all know Senator John McCain’s military history and about his stay at the Hanoi Hilton.  We also know that there are some questions about just where he was, who he might have betrayed, and other issues.  I have long been firmly in the camp with those who refuse to denigrate him, or any other Prisoner of War, for what they might have said or done under the absolute worst of circumstances as they tried to survive.  Most of us have experienced a time that we have been so sleep and/or nourishment deprived, perhaps emotionally pushed well past our ability to function properly that we may not even know what we said or to whom.  For that reason alone, I just will not question what can happen to a normal person when manipulated over an extended period of time into acting in ways even they cannot imagine.

Such is not the case with Senator McCain’s trip to the Munich Security Conference.  He spoke on behalf of the United States of America.  If he missed any sleep or meals, it was his choice.  It is unlikely that anyone subjected him to unusual manipulation but if they did, Senator McCain must have voluntarily submitted himself for it.

So, why did he violate one of the cardinal rules of international speaking engagements?  Is he so far gone these days that he doesn’t understand that speaking negatively about this country is never good, but that doing so in a foreign country is very bad?  Questioning the motives of other Americans during an official visit to a foreign country while speaking on behalf of all Americans to a Security Conference is especially bad.

Perhaps Senator McCain has forgotten some basic rules of civil behavior.  Maybe he has just gotten lost in the swamp, getting confused about which country is paying him.  The left is screaming so loudly and pitching so many fits about really stupid things that he may actually think that they are the majority who keep sending him into the swamp.

Yes, I read through his speech.  It wasn’t quite as bad as some of the headlines would suggest, but his were not appropriate words to speak to an international audience on foreign soil.  If he has forgotten that while we are indeed all citizens of the world, his first obligation is to the citizens of his state, perhaps he should consider stepping down as a United States Senator.

He just keeps doing things like this.  And it seems to be getting worse.  Perhaps it is just an indication that he is one of those ruling elite types who are threatened by the strength that We the People can wield when we have had enough of their antics.

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