The Evolution of Radical Activism

College campus riots are nothing new but seem to be fashionable again.  Screeching lefties developed the practice into a fine art in the 60’s and have never really stopped.  They changed their tactics as they aged but took the time to mentor the younger generation to take care of the heavy lifting.  Training has gone very well as should come as no shock since the lefties control almost every college campus in the country.

Those 60’s radicals moved permanently into our colleges and universities where they found welcome comfort and protection.  They especially liked to control the education of future lawyers, journalists and educators.  Political ideology became much more important than facts, history and accountability for actions.  This practice didn’t really start in the 60’s.  It has been evolving for about a hundred years, sponsored and funded by the same kind of people who used trade unions for their thuggery back in the day.

A favorite tactic of the left is to argue over words and labels instead of substance.  They will wear you out demanding that they be called the correct brand of leftyism denying all the while that their actions are the problem.  As a friend observed years ago, not caring is not an option with them.  Who among us really cares which style of leftyism they practice?  But if allowed to do so, they will dwell on that instead of discussing the inherent objection to all of it by our side.

Such has it been with the most vial of these lefties.  Some years ago they objected loudly when referred to as thugs and other pejorative terms. They were “the Black Bloc.”  Then they objected to be called “the Black Bloc” insisting that the term referred to anarchist tactics not people, as if that made any difference to the rest of us.

How about we just go back to calling them thugs?  That really is what they are.  They are ready and willing to destroy property of others when life would be much easier for everyone around them if they would not.  But creating chaos and fear is their point.  They are the militia of the left.

This lefty militia is well trained.  They have manuals of operation and even uniforms.  It is not a suggestion but a dictate that they wear all black, cover their faces and even strip any labels from their clothing to make individual identification more difficult.

A fascinating aspect of their operations is that confounding identification thing.  They are trained in how to change up their look on the fly.  It is amazing to watch this transformation in person.  TV cameras simply cannot capture its occurrence.

It has been almost ten years since I first observed this particular tactic by this group.  Some of us were meeting in Washington DC for a veterans’ reunion, of sorts.  Evidently the left saw us as some sort of threat so mobilized their militia to counter our expressions of patriotism and camaraderie.   There were many among us who had knowledge what they intended, and it was not good.  So, some of us were simply watching and waiting.  Sure enough, they showed up and our attention to them neutralized any bad actions they had planned.

But, like any militia action, they learned from the experience and adjusted their tactics accordingly.  What they did not know at the time was that there were a bunch of law enforcement folks in our ranks who took what they learned back to their departments and agencies.

Many of us would like to see more of these thugs arrested while they are committing criminal activities.  Unfortunately, arrest is not a deterrent for these ideologues.  Arrest them anyway.  Get their bad deeds documented so that when they are arrested again somewhere else in the country there are fingerprints available even if a correct identification is not possible.  This will not solve the problem but it will interfere with it for a while.  Disrupting anarchists even a little just sounds so appropriate.

What about those who financially support the lefty militia?  The left can deny that they support the thugs all they want, but it is much more obvious to more ordinary Americans each day.  Signs do not spontaneously appear within minutes of the naming of a Supreme Court Justice and marauding thugs do not magically gather either.

Meanwhile, the left continues to evolve while law enforcement continues to watch them.  As long as thugs are allowed to continue to commit crimes with impunity they will do so.  Funny how that works.  Bad actors will continue to act badly until they are made to stop.

Let’s hope that many communities will demand proper protection by their policing agencies from those who would destroy what is not theirs.  A college or university campus should not be a safe space for criminals at the expense of law abiding citizens, even if those citizens are college kids.

UC – Berkley is not likely to become a model of lawful activity any time soon.  Their evolution was stalled back in the 60’s.

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    Well said, as usual.

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