What’s Next?

President Trump has had a very busy week, and so far, it seems like a very good one for the military as well as all the citizens of this soon to once again be a great nation.  A few of his nominations were even approved.  Some of them are people with whom we ordinary people are not familiar.  Based upon what I do know of the others, I have no doubt that they are each more than highly qualified for the positions for which they are being nominated or appointed.

After hearing a radio report that President Trump was signing Executive Orders at a blistering pace, curiosity go to me.  According to the official White House website, he signed exactly four Executive Orders 20-25 January 2017.  This is 27 January, so posting updates to the website may be lagging.  Let’s say he has added another four or five in the last day or two.  That would still be only a few Executive Orders especially if you consider just how many need to be reversed from what the previous occupant had signed.

Most of us veterans are overjoyed that the nomination of James Mattis was approved as our new Secretary of Defense.  As others have noted, anyone with the nickname “Mad Dog” is just what we need in the cabinet.  The nominees to head each of the branches of service also seem to be excellent.  Now, if we could just get everyone else approved, things could start moving.  Still, there must be undersecretaries at the Pentagon, assistants to whatsomevers in other agencies, and bean counters all over DC rewriting stuff for how they anticipate they will soon be operating.  Significant resume polishing is also going on.

Meanwhile, President Trump (yes, I do enjoy writing that) also signed eight Presidential Memoranda 20-24 January 2017.  These are what directed agency folks to do such novel things as follow the law, stop writing new regulations, and instituted the hiring freeze.  They may actually have as much impact upon us and our economy as do the Executive Orders he signed.  And he managed to find time to meet with one significant head of state, talk with quite a few others, and negotiate the support of several captains of US industry and labor unions.

Not a bad first week in office.  Sounds like he showed up to work as promised.  After putting up with a guy who was much more interested in golf, it is a welcome relief to see constructive things going on.  We are all anxiously awaiting what happens next week.We may not be there yet, but we are having some fun on the way.

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