Simple Truth

Sometimes the easiest explanation really is the best explanation.  In the case of a bunch of women showing up to gaggle upon the Mall with like-minded other women, perhaps attempting to figure out their purpose in doing so is a waste of time.

Heard a pundit type suggest earlier today that many of these women already had reservations in and around DC to attend festivities this weekend expecting to participate in history being made as their queen was anointed.  With that not happening, but their travel plans already secured, they just came up with alternate activities.

Now that is an explanation that is almost elegant in its simplicity.

Besides, by keeping their reservations, they blocked others from taking their rooms.  Am sure that none of them thought about that either.  Of course they didn’t.

Maybe I do care about those pesky crowd numbers that so many are bandying about.  It is possible that they were purposefully suppressed after all, and not just by the media.

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