And the Point was?

Against my better judgement, a few thoughts are proffered on whatever that display was yesterday in Washington, DC.

What many are asking first is, “What was the point of the exercise?”  I would be among those who question if there was any at all.  The visuals are certainly obnoxious, so disgusting that we wonder if the only point to it all was to garner negative attention to something which no one has yet articulated.  When left to ponder what message we were to get from it, with no sense of direction from the participants, we are given little choice but to make up something.  We sane members of society try to make sense of things around us, but sometimes there is no sense to be made.  This looks like one of those times.

If the point was to show that women are as capable as men of using crude language, then they succeeded.  Most of us already knew that.  Name calling and use of dirty words can be heard in any school yard around the country.

If the point was to show that somebody somewhere can design a silly hat and knit it up, again, they succeeded.   And again, most of us already knew that, but had hitherto given no thought to it.  Walk down any street during winter in any town or city in the country when the temperature drops below zero and you will see silly head coverings, many perhaps hand knitted by someone’s grandmother.

Maybe the point was to show that girls look cute in pink?  And what do you call that color which is darker than pink but not really quite red?  Raspberry?  Claret?  Purplish, sorta bluish kinda pink?  I dunno, and still don’t care.

Seriously, about all I got out of all this is that there are a bunch of females in this country who could be manipulated into appearing in public in really stupid looking hats screaming obscenities.  Only guessing, but were those same females required to learn to knit to attend this thing?  Somebody had to make them.  Maybe the males in attendance did the knitting.

My usual default position is to find something positive or a lesson learned in every situation in life.  Still working on how this foolishness contributes anything to our lives other than morbid entertainment.

Only in America do we so proudly display our loons in public.  Makes you wonder if perhaps someone should be criminally charged with abuse of the mentally ill.  Putting so many of them in front of TV cameras just seems cruel.

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