Now What?

As we enter a new year, we are looking at a new day, potentially a new era for our country.  Much has been written about what it all means and how we got here, with an inordinate amount of attention being given to a whining bunch of fools with their precious little feelings hurt.  What so many of us now feel is hope for the future of our country.

How can that be?  Perhaps it is as simple as putting our support behind a winner instead of another failure. 

For decades we voters have paid little attention to the ability of candidates to do anything other than win elections.  All we have proven is that winning politically does not make an individual able to lead anything.  We have seen a succession of paper tigers whose lives were constructed to make them attractive as candidates with very little substance behind the public image.  Winning at life, and leading the rest of us into the winners circle, is not about what looks good, sounds good, or feels good.

We are about to install a new US president.  He’s a man who knows all about winning.  And failure.  Yes, he has failed, very publicly and very dramatically.  What sets him apart, and gives us so much hope, is that he moved beyond those failures.  He didn’t wallow in them.  He kept his attention focused on his next success.

That is what we Americans want to feel again.  We want to feel that our lives are not over because of a few failures.  We want to feel confident that in spite of our mistakes we can still win.  We want to be successful again.  And we want the younger folks to know that with preparation and hard work they, too, can win.

Back in the day, some psych course posited that a huge impediment to success is fear – a greater fear of success than fear of failure.  That may be the difference between us and the rest of the world.  Americans covet success.  That spirit has been diluted in the past few decades.  We now have hope of recovering our drive of being the best, of inventing new things, of dealing with success in healthy ways.

This new year promises to be exciting with generous amounts of enthusiasm, energy, and hope.  Sounds like a solid foundation for winning.

Happy New Year, All!

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  1. Ponsdorf says:

    Well said.

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