Are We There Yet?

When you get this far behind in commenting on the topics of the day, the task of jumping back into the fray can be daunting indeed. On the other hand, starting in the middle or anywhere else along the continuum can be easily justified.

The silly season has begun in earnest. It has often been said this year that we have never seen anything quite like the upcoming election. I know I haven’t. I thought it was bad when the GOP offered us an actor as a presidential candidate. That turned out pretty well. We can hope that this year will provide something along those lines.

Some good stuff has happened around here along with some very bad stuff. Life does go on. Some of us go to great lengths to prove it every day in spite of ourselves. Anything else is unacceptable.

Attitudes will be checked periodically. Meanwhile, my profound thanks to everyone who has expressed sympathy and support during the past difficult year. The positive energy is coming through.

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