So Many Issues, So LIttle Time

The Primaries are winding down and it looks like the presidential candidates are locked down. Not gonna worry about that one for a while.

The local elections have occurred in my AOR and for the most part turned out to my satisfaction, at least among those which were most important to me. Great. Another square filled for now.

So what has got my dander up this morning? Those pesky Oath Keepers, in the news over at TAH, got me thinking about who they are, what they stand for, and just why they rub me the wrong way.

Most of my friends and associates took an oath to support the US Constitution, among other things. Some would argue that once we left active military service that oath no longer applies. And that may well be true legally. However, some of us didn’t then and still don’t see an expiration date attached to what we swore then and may have reaffirmed several subsequent times.

Whenever I ponder what having once taken the oath means in my life today I realize that it still applies. I took that oath as an individual and it applies until I do something significant to alter my obligation. Until then, I will still defend the US Constitution against all enemies.

It doesn’t take a village or a club to encourage me in that regard.

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  1. Supe says:

    H. B. old friend.

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