The Capture Effect

The capture effect is a real RF technical phenomenon – via Wiki: “The capture effect is defined as the complete suppression of the weaker signal at the receiver limiter (if it has one) where the weaker signal is not amplified, but attenuated. When both signals are nearly equal in strength, or are fading independently, the receiver may switch from one to the other and exhibit picket fencing.

I suspect that a reasoned case can be made that many (most?), humans exhibit the same sort of unintentional filtering.

One clear example would easily be the LGBT lot. They should be figuratively on the front lines when dealing with Islam.  Perhaps I should be PC and have said RADICAL Islam, but as I understand it Islam has no/zero/nil room for gays at any level. Goats… shrug.

Younger Internet/Phone Junkies would also be targeted methinks.

My motive for bringing this up is simple. My muse has left me, or maybe just wandered off – I’m old. I used to be able to scan various news sources and find at least one thing that spurred a giggle or something interesting to me. Now all I get is some combination of annoyed and confused.

So the next time you think that some A’Hole is wrong, or full of IT; Just remember The Capture Effect.

There… Don’t that make you feel better?

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