He didn’t go THERE, did he?

Seriously? The Donald actually criticized John McCain for being captured? Unbelievable.

Guess it’s better to place yourself in a position of having no possibility of being captured than to step up and get captured. After being shot down. And injured – unable to avoid capture.

Addendum:  The opinion above relates to Trump’s comment about preferring people who are not captured.  As I watched his original comments it was clear that he misspoke and he clarified his position on McCain being a hero within those original remarks.  It was the slam about being captured to which I objected for the implication that any former POW would not have done everything within their power to evade capture.

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2 Responses to He didn’t go THERE, did he?

  1. OWB says:

    Not sure that the article improves much on what I saw with my own eyes. Glad to see that someone at least took the Post to task.

    My negative view is his going there at all – if he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have misspoken.

    And, Trump is exactly right about McCain abandoning veterans. He seems to have studied up on that issue at least a bit.

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