Signs of Spring

Now that tax day has past, it’s time to enjoy some of the other signs of the season. The first flowers have come and gone, the second wave is blooming, and the trees are greening up nicely. Most of the neighbors have even cut their grass this week with some breaking out their weed eaters.

The homestead here found itself in need of some new chickens. We’ve talked about it for a couple of years but have failed to do anything about it. Until this morning. We have 8 baby chicks under a light bulb to keep them warm. At this stage, they all look pretty much alike and are not exactly the mix we had intended. But next week the feed store gets another delivery, so we may get a more diverse crowd so that the grown flock will look more interesting.

The rooster seems happy in anticipation of having new hens to protect. We might even let him make some pin-up posters of them.  Since this is an Air Force household, perhaps we should encourage him to think of nose art instead of pin-ups.

Sure. That’s what we need. Nose art. Of course, we would need an aircraft nose for that.

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