Just A Squid

In THE OLDEN DAYS… The other branches called us, generically, Squids – But I recall terms we used in The Navy to refer to our fellow sailors. NOT PC.

I’m gonna share the ones I can remember:

Airdale: Someone  who plays with aircraft and inhales jet exhaust with a smile.

Bubblehead: A submariner – NEVER a sub mariner.

Radarman: Scope dope.

Gunners Mate:  Gun Bunny.

Them that kept us moving and kept the lights on, etc.: Snipes.

Pond Scum: Surface sailors collectively – according to the Bubbleheads.

Kinda wonder how the other branches referred to themselves.

So with no acronyms and/or numbers, please, offer the friendly terms you all used  to refer to your fellow service members. Keep in mind that I’m including The Navy here. I certainly don’t remember them all… anyway the ones I DO remember are from near 50 years ago.

The Marines and Army types were collectively “Grunts” to most of us, as I recall, so now you can set the record straight.

One I DO recall is “Redlegs” for artillery – There is some historical basis for that one.

Anyway, fill in the blanks…


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