Sunday Silly – NOT Quite

I’ve been scanning my usual news sources when I can this weekend. Can’t seem to find stuff that makes me smile.

Long aside: Snow storm knocked out our satellite internet AND we were without power for a time. Even didn’t have DirecTV, etc. My back-up generator did the self test on Wednesday just fine, but decided NOT to run when our power failed. Did get it running, and the snow on the dishes slid off, etc.  We do have battery powered laptops and a cell based Hotspot, but we only used those for weather and tracking power outages. A point worthy of note only because I reckon those events soured my attitude some.

Subsequent to all that I still haven’t been able find much that makes me grin out there in the rest of the world. So I’m gonna ask YOU lot for links to the silly I know is out there.

The only rule is that it has to be safe for work. Kinky does NOT equal silly.

Should add also, that the snow is melting, and our world is just fine.  Living on a remote ridge in WV, even with yer own gas well, does have some downsides at times .

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