Setting The Drip – A Winter’s Tale

Been cold here on the ridge and THAT particular ritual has been taken care of some days ago. But I’ve been thinking about how out-of-tune it is to complete a rather simple preventative measure. Is there some government entity that will come down my dirt road to help if the toilet won’t flush? Who do I call if the pipes burst, etc.

A neighbor’s house burned down a day or two ago. No one was hurt, but it serves to emphasize my point. We have a volunteer Fire Department out here in the boonies. They are great folks, but…

Call 911 here and don’t expect a rapid response. And they don’t provide plumbers.

So… Among other things we set a drip. We have Fire Extinguishers, etc.

We might be (gasp) Preppers. So long as our gas well works we’ll have heat, and power. We can feed ourselves and the critters for at least 3 weeks at any time. I know, that is puny compared to some, but it is the most I’ll admit to in a public venue.

Sidebar: Gas Well needs swabbed – the weather has prevented the guys from even getting their gear moving. Something we never considered. Lesson learned.

Anyway, lots of terms are used to defend government intervention in our lives. Some of us have different frames of reference. Whether it be local, county, State, or the Feds who do YOU turn to when shit happens?

Was gonna offer this as Sunday Silly, but my curiosity overcame me.

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