Our Bizzaro World?

Bizzaro World is a place in the comic book (Sorry – Graphic Novel) universe… supposed fiction.

Yet every day some current news item hints that it is becoming more and more real. Could be my advancing age, or my own personal illusion of reality, but I gotta wonder aloud here.

I won’t waste your time with my own lengthy list of such seeming portents of this shift of realities other than offering this: The immediate trigger for this post takes the form of a cute young lady and her words, but ALSO in my case she seems a harbinger rather then just an idiot.

Hmm… It may well highlight my concerns to add a sort of disclaimer. I’m not certain I can use the term “cute young woman” without being denigrated as a sexist.

So, MY opinion about Marie Harf  is mine alone and NOT the opinion of this blog.

If you can also cite similar concerns about Bizzaro World encroaching on your reality I’d ask that you only put your personally most egregious single example in the comments. On the other hand, if nobody else actually HAS any such it’ll entertain my shrink so I win regardless.

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