Showering With Friends?

Minds out of the gutter!

This has been discussed here before, but I aim to get a bit specific. Sure, this has been cussed and discussed in grand terms and likely with the best of intentions – usually also ignoring or dismissing That Elephant in the Room: SEX!

With all the PC changes going on in our Military even I managed to sorta overlook something fundamental. Every ship I was on in the 60’s had some things in common. Officers had their facilities in Officer Country, Chiefs had The Goat Locker, and pretty much everyone else shared the heads. Taking a leak… might be others also doing so. Taking a dump, you could chat with others while sitting. Even seasickness and discovering what your shipmate had for lunch wasn’t all that unusual – especially getting underway the morning after a good liberty.

I adapted to showering, etc, with others of my gender in school sports. About the only new thing in The Navy that required some minor adaptation was the occasional Salt Water shower… turns out Prell shampoo would lather nicely though.

Flash forward to today. How much of our Defense Budget is being spent on simply providing facilities for female and gender-unspecified folks. It really is a potentially non-trivial matter. Jonn’s Angel – the A-10 is being dumped maybe to fund that latrine with the pink lace shower curtains.

WWI comes most easily to mind… Dig extra trenches for the “others”?

Mind you – racial integration in the military was handled, but that IS a kinda loaded parallel at best. Still, I don’t recall ever hearing any scuttlebutt about two sailors necking while on watch, etc, whatever their racial derivation. Well… maybe in a jocular way.

Lookit, people can, and have, adapted to a rather large variety of alternatives when presented with no other alternative. Many, if not most, have required a blood badge to accomplish that though. Wonder how much blood will be let to make the PC world happy.

Reckon I’m one of them straight geezer reactionaries. Two competent, capable individuals of different genders can most certainly share the same MOS and work side by side in many environments… but not EVERY environment. Shipboard life in the “old days” being the only area I can discuss reasonably, I should probably shut up now. I’ll leave you with one image. It requires some time warping, but it does linger. A General Patton slapping some sobbing transgender GI.

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