Thank You For Your Service

I think I posted about this before, but it happened again today and I STILL get rattled when it happens – enough to post about it yet again.

Some back-story: For 30 plus years I didn’t acknowledge my Vietnam service outside of some very narrow confines. BTW – The only VN mud I got on me was during a one-time trip to a bar in DaNang .

Around the time we did GoE (Gathering of Eagles in ’07) it kinda felt okay to do so. A coupla years ago I bought a baseball cap (made in China?) , and I wear it often.

So today I visited my local Mini-Mart and a guy also checking out said “Thank you for your service.” I had enough wits to respond with “Thanks, we all did what we could.” But THEN he added “I hope you didn’t get greeted like some did?”

By this time there were, maybe, a half dozen folks standing there and I kinda blurted out ” Got spit at and called Baby Killer once in San Fransisco in ’69.” Noted some odd looks from the mini-group and left.

Yeah, I know the PC answer to the “Thank You…” is a simple “you’re welcome”, but I still get flummoxed and fumble.

Just might be too old to learn proper decorum?

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