NOT News, but Educational, Sorta

Pushing the TAH limits, I’m afraid.

I keep seeing this story during my routine “News” scans during the day.

Mind you, my interest is sketchy at best, but I hadda bring it up here to be filed under “curious” as to what you lot might have to say.

I’ve been trying to find another single instance where ANYONE would say this sort of stuff about a sitting President… No joy. I expanded my Google-Fu efforts to include sitting politicians of any ilk?

Okay: If you missed it…

“You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly,” the actress, singer and food writer gushed after introducing Obama to several hundred supporters seated on white fold-out chairs in the lush backyard of her home in the movie star haven of Brentwood, a neighborhood in Los Angeles.

I don’t get it, but this erudite lot might fill in the blanks for me?


Cross posted from TAH if Jonn leaves it up?

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