The Shape of Things to Come?

With acknowledgements to H. G. Wells.

I’ll offer that, at least, 80% of the jobs on US Navy ships could practically be performed by robots…At least until something breaks – for now anyway.

This story certainly demonstrates a step down that road: “Navy’s Self-Guided, Unmanned Patrol Boats Make Debut“, There is more at

One key paragraph from the ABC story that struck me:

“The rigid-hull inflatable patrol boats can also fire .50 caliber machine guns if called upon to do so. However, a human will always be the one to make the decision to use lethal force, officials said. A sailor on a command ship would be in charge of each of the unmanned boats and could take control over any of the boats at any moment. And if communication between the unmanned boats and the sailor overseeing them were ever broken, the boat would automatically shut down.”

All you Ex-Swabbies imagine reporting aboard the USS Commander Data AND reporting to a darkened hole in the ground for General Quarters?

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