Just Curious – Global Climate Change?

I’m no weather wonk. I can’t even seem to use the NWS weather radar to tell for sure if it’s raining here. I have to look out the window?

So… I’m curious about this whole global warming/cooling thing.

My curiousity exists on several levels.

Now Global Climate Change can be considered a given. It. Does. Change. Whether the human contribution is significant is clearly open to question, if only as to how significant that aspect might be.

An extraterrestrial object of a certain size striking the earth will generate a GCC… Volcanic activity at a certain level will also. Toss in changes in the sun, and general earth-centric oddities and it’s pretty much a sure thing whatever the cause.

Since there will be GCC why aren’t we planning for it instead of trying to control one possible cause?

At first glance anthropogenic causes might seem the simplest point of attack, but are they? Has anyone actually sat down and figured out the cost world wide, even if every individual on earth agrees to pay it? Remember that the number of cattle would need to be reduced along with emissions from usual generator suspects… Fertilizer would need to used less, etc.

And I wonder if a 50% reduction in greenhouse gases would do more than simply double the time before it happens anyway? If that speculation has any merit then what is the point?

Just asking; I wanna do the right thing, after all.

[edit] Turns out there’s a partial answer here: Global Warming: Playing It Cool

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