A Lesson from Bergdahl

Of course there are lessons to be learned from this entire fiasco. There always are, even when everything goes quite well. The results of not learning or not doing the right thing can become tragic. It appears that that is exactly what happened in the Bergdahl case.

As more and more information becomes public about Bergdahl, it appears that there were plenty of opportunities to have avoided this mess entirely, if only someone, anyone, had done the right thing instead of the easy thing. Missed opportunities turned into a mess which has caused too many people a lot of unnecessary pain at best, and grief and suffering at worst. Lives have been changed. More lives may yet be changed.

Is the best we can hope for that those who are responsible by their actions or inactions will be held accountable for them now? Perhaps, but even that is not worth much if the lessons which should be learned are ignored.

In Bergdahl’s case, it is reported that he not only walked away from camp several times before the last time, but that he failed in several other significant ways to adapt to being a team member. In combat, both can have deadly results. Either could have and should have been addressed. Had they been, this entire mess would have been avoided. Had he been held accountable when his inattention to duty had rather simple solutions we would not now be facing a situation which has no easy solution and maybe no solution at all.

If nothing else can be learned from all this, we can at least take away something many of us already know. The easy solution is frequently not the best one. Actions and inactions all have consequences. Doing the right thing, even when it is not the easy thing, usually has the best outcome. Maybe this reminder of that simple truth will serve us well in the future.


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    Well said, as usual.

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