Dare We Hope?

With an apology for my last post which reflected more hopelessness than usual, do we dare hope that the entire truth will be told about Bergdahl? It looks like too many people are posting similar accounts in too many places for it to be swept away by the lies and propaganda from the usual sources.

The parallels to Benghazi are obvious. The difference is that time has passed since the initial Bergdahl news and reports about it were published by sources commonly regarded as unbiased. Add to this the number of witnesses who are no longer subject to direct reprisals for telling the simple truth and we have a situation where members of the military, veterans, and their supporters are literally exploding with comments questioning the message the political hacks would prefer be heard instead.

Some might question the amount and strength of the backlash to Bergdahl being declared a “hero” by the left. Too many people already knew that he was a deserter. What has been misunderstood by those who would reward him for his treason is that we kept our mouths shut during his “captivity” because it served no useful purpose to do otherwise. What has kept us mostly quiet is part of the honor code which most of us consider nearly sacred – we don’t leave our own behind, or do anything to jeopardize their continued existence, even when the one we need to retrieve is a traitor.

Bergdahl doesn’t deserve our sympathy. He does deserve our insistence that he be held responsible for his decision to desert his post and the additional decision that he apparently made to collaborate with the enemy. Odds seem to increase by the hour that he will be held accountable for his actions. All of them.

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