Bergdahl Released

Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s finally and at last been released from captivity, or whatever it was. He may now face disciplinary action for his desertion, or whatever it was.

Not certain that much discussion is warranted beyond that until all the official inquiries are completed. Or the ones which have already occurred are made public. Or something.

An American soldier has been returned, at great cost, but returned. Whether the terrorists exchanged for him was worth the consequences may be moot unless “the plan” was to keep them indefinitely. When were they going to be released with or without the exchange? And how many Gitmo detainees have been released while Bergdahl was a POW, or whatever he was?

A more pressing matter is the mess at the VA. Veterans are still dying instead of being cared for by the VA. Union thugs are still deciding if and when veterans will be treated by the VA. Incompetent employees can still not be fired for refusing to report for work or do their jobs in a minimally acceptable fashion at the VA. Managers and others are receiving monetary bonuses for encouraging and perpetuating fraud.

Some of us are not being distracted even as we are happy that Bergdahl has been released.

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