Melancholy – Annual Re-Post

Two or three times a year some of us geezer types get a bit tangled up in old times. Late April and much of May include several dates that trigger memories here.

Late April because my pop was declared KIA in Korea on April 25, 1951.

Early May because I was discharged on May 9, 1969 from the Navy after spending over year around Vietnam.

And then there is Memorial Day. The advertisements for sales and off topic events are difficult to avoid. So I repeat this post with minor updates.


I was an Army brat the first few years of my life. I have vague memories (or memories of memories?) of several Army posts; in Georgia, in Arizona, and another place or two. Then my dad was deployed to some place called Korea in 1950.

Three additional memories are a bit more vivid – the day we were notified he was Missing in Action and, sometime later, that his remains had been recovered, and finally, his funeral. I wasn’t allowed to go – I was deemed too young.

But, I have a Purple Heart.

He is buried in our home town, and there’s a small memorial in the city park there with his name inscribed. I visit both as often as I can. Even though I was only five or six at the time and will be 69 in about a month I still miss him. I have pictures and memories, and…

I have a Purple Heart.

For many others, like myself, Memorial Day has a face.

We’re past the 50 year anniversary of Vietnam and there is a wall FULL of my brothers and sisters who earned a Purple Heart

So please don’t wish me a happy Memorial Day because…

I have a Purple Heart!

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2 Responses to Melancholy – Annual Re-Post

  1. Coffeypot says:

    I have no personal relatives to remember on Memorial Day, but I do have 74 sailors who died on 3 June 1969 when my ship was cut in half and the forward section sunk in 3 minutes, taking 3 brothers, a father watched, while treading water, his son die and my bff from my time on board went down. My ship, USS Frank E Evans DD 754, has an association and I am their communications director. We have been working for over 20 years to get their names on The Wall in D.C. And I post a birthday post, with picture and a little background on each of them on their birthdays. I feel like they are my brothers and I have shed tears over them. I am glad you have your dad’s PH, but I wish you could have enjoyed him instead.

  2. OWB says:

    It’s always nice to read that post. Well, maybe nice isn’t the correct word. Thanks for reposting it. A good reminder for us.

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