Happy Spring. Or Something.

Back in the old days we could actually celebrate May Day without a thought of Communism or other anti-American ideologies. That’s just another thing the hippies and weirdos took from the American tradition.

It really was grand when we had May poles, little girls with flowers and ribbons in their hair, and generally celebrated new growth, rebirth, and all that silly hopeful stuff. Yes, there was something rather pagan about it, but nobody particularly cared. It was fun. School sanctioned fun and physical activity. Kids practiced running in circles around the May poles, weaving ribbons around the pole, and other such things. Mothers and teachers invariably ended up with flowers. And everyone danced and smiled a lot.

Somewhere in the mid-50’s it was given over to the “workers of the down-trodden world” instead. Parades of armaments through Red Square became the image of the day instead of the happy faces of smiling children.

The old way of celebrating May Day seems much healthier. It’s a very good memory.


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