Time for Thanksgiving!

Whether today means watching parades, reading a good book, following some football or something else entirely, most of us will enjoy a huge meal in the company of people about whom we care a great deal.  Sometime during the day we might even reflect upon some things for which we are thankful.

This uniquely American holiday is steeped in religious overtones.  This year the date even coincides with the beginning of Chanukah, an event none of us has seen before or will again.  But, there are plenty of events around the day which require no religiosity at all.

Being grateful for what we have is healthy for us.  Thanking people for what they do for us is polite.  Seeing the good around us is a choice we can all make.

This year I choose to see what is good.  And there is plenty of good in my neighborhood, my town, even around my country.  I am grateful for all of it, especially when I realize that too often I focus on things which are not.  Today I am looking at what makes me happy and what feeds my soul and plan to do more of it tomorrow and the day after that.

Is it too early to make a New Year’s resolution?

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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