Irony in the District

Once again DC has managed to expose, whether by accident or design, a huge irony in our current method of governance.  We are today seeing the juxtaposition of groups of people congregating on the Mall representing concurrently the best and the worst of how we operate here in the United States.  There are dozens of union thugs, illegal aliens, furloughed government employees, and assorted lefties demanding amnesty for untold millions of people who could not be bothered to enter this country by legal means.  Not far from them are groups of ordinary Americans and tourists from around the world facing barricades around Memorials to the very people who fought and died for the freedom to assemble, to petition our government for redress, and to express the many divergent views which we citizens hold.

For those unfamiliar with the geography of this significant piece of American real estate lovingly called the Mall, think of an approximately 4 block by 28 block lawn bisected by cross streets with museums and open spaces along the sides of the park, with the US Capitol on the east and the Lincoln Memorial on the west, facing each other.  The Potomac River is behind the Lincoln Memorial.  The Washington Monument is a few blocks east of the Lincoln Memorial with the Reflecting Pool between them.  The War Memorials surround the Reflecting Pool.  There are sidewalks, paths, and more open spaces around them.

It would be possible to take an aerial photograph today of one group of Americans and their rowdy friends making demands that our borders be more open while other Americans are facing barricades which had to be erected to prevent them from entering open air Memorials to themselves and others who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms.  You would think that among those freedoms would be the right for them, and all the rest of us, to be able to move about as freely as their age and infirmities will allow.

While it is a wonderful thing that we in this country not only tolerate but celebrate our different views, the picture of thugs representing a very limited number of citizens freely making demands while patriots representing all Americans, wanting only to traverse hallowed Memorial ground, are kept from easily doing so is pretty ugly.  Those who doubt which group is more mature need only look at the amount of trash left behind by the various groups given permission to use the Mall.  Yet it is the spoiled children who feel entitled to leaving their trash behind for others to remove who appear to be getting the special privileges while the rest of us, who know how to pick up after ourselves, have our rights abridged when it would be easier, and cheaper, to simply allow us access to what we made possible through our own labor.

Oh, the irony.  Our own government, with great effort and expense, barricades open air Memorials from those who wish only to quietly remember what they symbolize for our nation, one with a proud history of openness, if they could only take advantage of the concrete around and within them.

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