May I Buy a Vowel, Alex?

We need a new headline.  The usual “Crazy Vet with a Scary Gun” may still be somewhat effective, but has become too predictable.  It has been used so often, and not always accurately, that it is simply boring.  If the media wants to keep our attention perhaps they should work in some new material above the fold.  Here are a few suggestions, in no particular order, and they do need to be fact checked.

“1.6 US Military Veterans Committed No Crimes Yesterday”

“No Owner of a Legally Acquired Gun Committed a Crime in any of the 58 States Today”

“Another Rape Prevented by Legally Owned and Operated Handgun”

“Armed Bank Teller Foils Robbery”

“Background Checks Prevented the Transfer of 12 Weapons at Gun Show”

So, Alex, could I buy an “O,” please?  It looks a lot like a zero, the statistical significance of how many legally acquired guns commit illegal acts in this country each day.

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