It’s 9-11, Again

Every year the reflections on this day occur.  Sometimes they are overwhelming.  But this year something occurred within me that may have been there all along but only now came to consciousness.

As a small manner of honor for those lost and those for whom lives will never be the same, many of us tune in to watch or attend memorials on this date each year.  It is a way for us to connect with each other and join in fleeting moments of coming together as a country.  For at least a few minutes we each remember that there is a commonality among us which on other days we may struggle to imagine.

This year I saw and realized the honesty of the resolve on those faces of the collected masses gathered to commemorate the horrible events of this date.  Behind the grief I finally became aware of the depth of both thought and feeling in those faces.  On other days I often doubt that there are enough of us left with the resolve to survive as a country to make it happen.  On this day, there is no doubt in what is reflected in the faces of those most aggrieved by the cowards who struck us on 9-11-2001.  There is a strength reflected in those faces, enough to see us through whatever is coming next.

In other words, there is still hope for our future.

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