The single issue ballot?

Voters in this county do not have a ‘Line Item’ vote. Unfortunately that’s how some of us vote.

Those who are genuinely concerned about the direction this country is headed have to concern themselves with what the next generation will be taking to the polls and we’re already beaten there. Schools are teaching that lot stuff that most of us can’t even imagine.

But there is a rising issue that just might stem the tide long enough to recover.

This from Fred Thompson is the case in point.

Before the next Presidential election this case should be decided. It must play a truly paramount role in the next few months as well.

Forget everything else. A single issue is involved, sure, but it is the single issue upon which every other is based.

Fred is not my candidate this far out… but the issue is so profound that we need to watch every candidate with a microscope. Everything else will simply be of no consequence if this falls. The Constitution and The Bill of Rights is our foundation! This not the time to be flexible.

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