It’s a National Shame

It seems that we suffering with healthy doses of common sense are rapidly becoming extinct.  At least that is how it appears all too frequently if you believe that the headlines of the day reflect what is going on among normal everyday people.  Maybe not.

Based upon what we read, one could easily conclude that the most important items for us Americans to ponder are scary guns, White House tours, and who won whatever “reality” show.  Though I may be in the minority, may I suggest that sports scores, who might commit the next celebrity suicide, and if there will be flooding when it rains should be a bit lower on the priority list for grown adults until after a few serious issues are addressed?

Like, for instance, when IS this society going to decide that there are no legitimate excuses for drug abuse and drunk driving?  How many people are killed each year by those driving under the influence, yet we allow “them” to distract us with all sorts of silly stuff?  Is there a county in the nation which does not have at least one incident every day involving a drunk or a druggie requiring law enforcement and/or emergency room intervention?  Is there a family left in the United States which has not had at least one member of the family killed or seriously injured by a drunk or a druggy?

Another on my short list of important stuff is border security.  Actually, this is at or near the top of the list, right behind having the means to protect myself until those we pay to clean up the mess after I have protected myself make it out to the mess someone else instigated and I was forced to resolve.

Yes, my view is quite simplistic.  Without security, pretty much everything else is a waste of time.  That is perhaps a concept worthy of further exploration at a later date.

Today I am irritated with the lack of intellectual honesty of those opining over the assorted senseless deaths in this country.  A very casual bit of research indicates that things like traffic accidents and inner city gangs are responsible for most of the deaths each year.  (So why are we importing more gang members and offering them citizenship, something which no one has provided evidence that they are inclined to even want?)

We read and hear hysterical accounts daily that are supposed to make us think that scary guns are the root of all evil.  What that has to do with drunks killing people with cars is beyond my ability to grasp.  In case no one noticed, driving under the influence is against the law, yet the number one killer of American citizens is traffic accidents.  Making more laws has not stopped it from happening.  And will not until society decides that driving under the influence is inexcusable and will not be tolerated.

No, I do not expect that societal mores will ever eliminate every idiot who would drive drunk, or even attempt to violate our borders, but I do think it more than reasonable to expect to be able to navigate the roads and streets of this country without being an unwitting target of what appears to be the majority of drivers these days.  Yes, driving defensively is simply a smart thing to do because you never know when there could be a driver having a medical emergency while behind the wheel or one of those self-absorbed, apparently suicidal, or otherwise clueless, fools on the roadway.

Whatever the excuse this week for ignoring the increasing number of persons driving while impaired, it is not sufficient to explain that more people who are willing to violate the laws of this country are purposefully being added to the number daily.  It makes no sense and is a national shame.

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  1. Ponsdorf says:

    Well said (as usual). When common sense again becomes common, etc.

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