The Real War on Women

In its’ continuing war against women, the left has managed to put forth perhaps the silliest iteration to date.  Instead of championing equal opportunity for all, they are now offering to sacrifice our women, young and old, to their cause using our military as their weapon.

And why not.  This way they get to reduce our military effectiveness while getting rid of those women perhaps most likely to produce the next generation of patriots.  It’s a win-win for those who worship at the altar of “fairness,” equal outcomes without regard for ability or production, and all those other ridiculous tenets which they deny come directly from a communist handbook.

While most of those who are pushing this agenda probably have no idea where their ideals originate or the probable outcomes of their proposals, they should.  Since they do not, we can correctly call them idiots who are willfully ignorant and quite useful to the serious leftists in furthering the destruction of this country.  The true believers count on these useful idiots to implement their agenda.

What else could motivate those who wish to push women into combat situations where their ability to survive is questionable at best?  They say it is only “fair,” however they are defining that word this week, to “allow” women in combat.

Those of us who live in the real world understand that they will not leave it at that.  They will force women to be in combat whether they like it or not.  And the threat of it will likely result in women leaving the military in droves.  Every woman currently serving, with the exception of a very few who might have enlisted in the past couple of days, volunteered for military service which did not include serving directly in combat units.  Should they feel betrayed by this change in the rules?   Of course they should or they will as soon as they are involuntarily placed in combat units.  This is not what they agreed to do.

But the fools who changed the rules apparently do not care what they, or we, think about it.  We know that it is a stupid idea.  We also know that simply talking about it can have a serious negative impact upon all currently serving.  I would submit that those who are most adversely impacted by this are the women serving.  This nonsense drives a wedge between them and our male warriors.  We understand that it will even if the fools making these decisions do not.  On the other hand, military effectiveness is not really part of their agenda.

Great.  In the interest of “fairness,” the left is once again throwing women under the bus.  Gee, thanks, but no thanks.   Somehow, knowing that what they ultimately want is for us all to be under their control and passively on their plantation doesn’t make this mess any more palatable.  Of course, from their perspective, getting rid of women able to take care of themselves has no downside.  At least some of those women will end up depending upon government programs when they separate  from the military.  If they manage to survive combat at all.

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