Travels With Ponsie – Wherein An Old Sailor Makes a Road Trip South

With apologies to John Steinbeck.

“We need a vacation”, The Wife explained. “We’ll head down to Florida for Christmas and New Years and bask on some warm sunny beaches instead of freezing up here on the ridge in West Virginia”, she elaborated.

Murphy was ready too… Much more below the break.

Knoxville offered up THE worst rain storm I’ve driven through in some time. Made for slower progress than planned, and a few exciting moments behind the wheel.

By Chattanooga the weather had improved, but a semi wrecked and traffic stopped. We finally got off the interstate, found a room, and rested.

Arrived at Eglin AFB  more less when we expected. Checked in at the visitor center (we had reservations to stay there) and discovered that the ID card I’ve been carrying for 20+ years was no longer valid. We were directed to a building where I was issued a new card – eventually. The Wife got a bit of a thrill when our route took us under the flight path of several landing F-15s. I should also note that the folks at Eglin treated us great, and that our room was fine.

But… the temps at night were mostly in the 20’s. AND there was little sun to bask in as well.

I’ve already noted some geezer visible anomalies about the base , but there  were  a coupla side notes:

At the “Designated Tobacco Use Area” I met a gentleman from Malaysia. He had left there after surviving some Islamic rancor. He moved first to Singapore and then to California, and is a citizen here now. Works for an Apple subsidiary. He certainly had an interesting perspective.

Also met a lady from Spain… working as a maid on the base. Her perspective on things in Spain was enlightening.

Both were decidedly worried about the US with a clarity that was a bit spooky.

Did manage to visit various attractions in the area. Fort Pickens , The Armament Museum, and The Kohbar Towers Memorial, for instance.

Got pix, of course, including The Wife sitting in an A-10 trainer, but I won’t bore you further.

And we visited with Col. Harry and his (much to good for him) wife Mary. Also met Frankie and Lacy.

BTW, we did, indeed get ONE day of warm during the trip on Sanibel.

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  1. OWB says:

    Sounds like a great time. Well, except for the being stopped on an interstate part. Always good to get away for a bit.

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