There are people who come into our lives who quietly have a positive impact upon us.  If we are lucky, we realize it before it is too late to thank them.

Such a person was Sharon.  While not a veteran herself, she became something of a mama bear to many of us.  She married a veteran, a buddy of mine, and for her unfailing support of him I am extremely grateful.  But beyond that, she was herself a great patriot.  I have no doubt that without her troupe of veterans she would still have contributed to the strength of this country in many positive ways.  She did just that and still supported the veteran community.

We lost our mama bear Sharon this week.  Suddenly.  She was there one moment and gone the next.  It’s not something for which any of us was prepared.  The sudden loss of a friend simply devastates us.  In time, we will be grateful that she did not suffer long.  But for now, we are shocked at the loss of our friend.  We grieve for our own loss and we ache for her family.

There are moments with Sharon that will always bring a smile to my lips.  Right now, it is not those times which come first to mind at the mention of her name.  But those smiles when thinking about her will return some day.

To her husband, thank you for sharing her with us.  For the rest of the family, your loss is shared by many.  My life was only one of the multitude enriched by having Sharon in it.  She will always be missed.

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4 Responses to Loss

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  2. 1stCavRVN11B says:

    Thanks so much for the tribute to Sharon. I miss her very much. She was a rock in my life, big troop supporter, and my closest friend. God, I do miss her so very much.


  3. streetsweeper says:

    street sends:

    I am sorry for your loss, William. I am very sorry that I did not keep up with the both you. This I want you to know, I enjoyed every minute that I got to spend with you and Sharon. It meant the world to me when you to opened up your home.

    It felt like I was truly at home for once in life. I have thought about you folks often and miss you. I know there isn’t much else I can say or do to ease your pain but know this, holler big bro. I’ll burn Hell down to help you anyway I can.


  4. Bulldog22 says:

    Missy and I are truly sorry for the loss of Sharon. The world is a better place because of her. If you need anything at all, call and we will drop everything and be there.

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