Kerry is still Lying

Just about the time we have recovered from his ill-advised attempt to become PotUS, John F Kerry’s name is once again foisted upon the nation.  Now, if the citizens of Massachusetts think he represents their interests well, then they should indeed continue to vote for him.  We will continue to laugh at them, but who represents them really is their exclusive business.

On the other hand, just as when he stepped onto the national stage as a national candidate, when he accepts a nomination for a cabinet position, he is making himself and his qualifications the business of all of us.  After picking ourselves up from the floor where we fell laughing at the absurdity of submitting this clown for consideration to direct either State or Defense (or anything else other than perhaps a T-shirt shop on a beach), most of us quickly realized that this was not a joke.  When someone else was repeatedly named for State, that only leaves Defense as a possibility for Kerry.

Can you really imagine such a thing?  Seriously?  While most of us grudgingly acknowledge that there is no requirement for a Secretary of Defense to have served in the military, if a candidate for that position has served, shouldn’t it at least have been honorable service?

Since none of us has officially seen his military papers, we can only suppose the depth of possible disciplinary action that Kerry received.  We do know that he performed many things for which he should have received at least a court martial – things which he has either admitted or bragged about doing.  He still refuses to sign an SF-180, a document which would release his military records for all to see.

So, why exactly is his name out there again?  Surely those who made the suggestion know that the same folks who opposed him continue to do so.  His circumstances have not changed.  It must be well known that there will be pointed questions asked of him during confirmation hearings, perhaps enough to disqualify him completely or at least embarrass him enough to withdraw from consideration.  Would he even willingly subject himself to such scrutiny?

Which brings up my real question:  What are “they” doing over there while they occupy our attention over here with this distraction?

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